Past Projects: Toronto, Mexico City, Orizaba, Simcoe, Cienfuegos, Brantford, Hamilton

Amelia Jiménez – Enchanted Stones

2015 ArtMatch

2011-12 Dishing and Of Food and Form

2010 Scouring City, Brushing Sky

2009 Proyecto ReMix/ReMix Institute: Cienfuegos/Havana (March/April) Hamilton (September)

2007/2008 The Simcoe Project: Under A Single Sky

2006/2007 The Simcoe Project: From One Place To Another
2005 – LOKI GILI/Song of Sorrow, Song of Hope
2002-2003 ART/BOOKS ON THE FENCE/Libros al limite. Collaborations between Mexican and Canadian Artists, exhibited in Mexico City and Orizaba.
2001 – ENCHANTED STONES – Kafka: And Then We Take Berlin. Works by Shelley Niro, Amelia Jiménez and Ingrid Mayrhofer
1999 – NUNCA MAS/Never Again
1998 – STRATEGIES AROUND VIOLENCE, panel discussion with artist and activists.
1997 – EAT OR BE EATEN, collaborative installation by Lynn Hutchinson, Ingrid Mayrhofer and Neri Espinoza
1992-1994 – THE RIVER OF BLOOD FLOWS ON, works by Shelley Niro, Dámarys Sepúlveda, Nazeer Khan, Lynn Hutchinson, Jorge Lozano, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Neri Espinoza, Marcel Commanda.
1989-1992 – THE MOUNTAINS ARE BREATHING, Larry Towell, Lynn Hutchinson, Amanda Hale, Ingrid Mayrhofer, with a performance by Fernando Hernandez.

The Mountains Are Breathing. Photo: Larry Towell