Nunca Más/Never Again

Toronto/Gardiner Museum/Nathan Phillips Square

In the early eighties, the Guatemalan dictatorship murdered the inhabitants of 440 Mayan villages, and destroyed their homes. In 1999 the Gardiner Museum held an exhibition called “The Living Maya” and invited Red Tree to lead a community art project. The drop-in event engaged museum visitors and members of Toronto’s solidarity community in commemoration of the victims of the atrocities. Friends and relatives created personal messages, museum visitors carved the names of villages onto tiles. As a buried monument, the tiles were displayed at the Peace Garden at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto.

names of 440 Mayan villages were carved onto tiles during a weekend drop-in participatory education event led by Neri Espinoza, Miguel Lima, Amelia Jiménez and Ingrid Mayrhofer at the Gardiner Museum, 1999