Dub Poetry with Klyde Broox at ARCH

Vocal Communion
All Ages Collective Creative Language Arts Session with Hamilton’s Veteran Dub Poet Kylde Broox

Everybody can be a poetry generator. Come learn to write your voice, and utter what you write with confidence and conviction. Each community member, regardless of age, is a vessel of knowledge about the locality. People are breathing libraries of memories. In our communities, we become characters in each other’s stories. When we share our stories we strengthen our communities. Vocal Communion is a collective creative space in time where collaborating voices can experience community soul while stylizing the spoken word. Poetry dubbing can incorporate words of  any language, or blend many languages. into one poem. Vocal Communion provides engagement, involvement and enjoyment. Come uncover your inner writer and discover yourself as an uttering poet under the influence of dub! Come flex y/our self-expression, exercise y/our orality and strengthen your public speaking skills.
Come taste the power of y/our voice in Vocal Communion!

Where: The ARCH, 1429 Main Street East
Dates: Saturday, November 11, 2017
Time: 1-4 pm
Who: This workshop was designed for people of all ages but children under 12 were accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Registration was Free!

This art workshop was the fourth in a series of art workshops in The Art of Creating on the Pipeline Trail hosted by the Pipeline Trail Planning Tram and the Red Tree Collective and has been made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Cir of Hamilton.