Dámarys Sepúlveda

Lava II, 2021, linocut (original size 7” x 5”)

Dámarys Sepúlveda is a graduate of the Nicaraguan Fine Arts Academy with a Visual Art Diploma. She participated in artists’ residencies in L’arc Children’s Art School, Barcelona, Spain, and at York University’s Print Studio (Toronto, ON) with Professor Eugenio Tellez. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited in Nicaragua, Barcelona, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico and Hamilton, Ontario. Dámarys is a teacher, community arts practitioner, and an advocate of Art for Social Change.  Elías. 

Dámarys Sepúlveda’s current body of prints is a representation of active and dormant volcanoes from different regions. She uses the paradox of volcanic eruptions as both life-giving and destructive to evoke reflections on migration, natural disasters, and human resilience against climate change, political upheavals, and relocation. 

The imagery explores the way disasters contribute to ever-changing social / natural landscapes and build human resilience. Sudden volcanic or political eruptions create chaos and displacement, but may also bring change and new life. On Ometepe Island, in the artist’s native Nicaragua, there is a saying: “volcanic ashes bring good crops.”