Fantastic Fossils
Clay workshop and family park walk with Hamilton resident and artist Tara Bursey.

What are fossils? These amazing imprints of plants and animals from the distant past can sometimes be found along rocky land near lakes, rivers, oceans and waterways. What might fossils of the future look like, and what stories would they tell about our neighbourhood and the things are we see every day? This workshop began with a group walk through Gage Park, where children were asked to find and collect objects and textures such as plants, pebbles, twigs, and leaves. These findings were brought back to the Children’s Museum, where participants made clay “fossil” impressions of treasures collected during their walk. The back of these clay fossils were inscribed with a message and decorated paint.

Where: Hamilton Children’s Museum, 1072 Main Street East
Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017
Time: 10am – 12pm
Who: This family friendly workshop was designed for children accompanied by a parent o guardian.

Refreshments and materials were provided.

This was a free workshop with pre-registration is required.

This art workshop is the third in a series of art workshops in The Art of Creating on Pipeline Trail hosted by the Pipeline Trail Planning Team and the Red Collective and has been made possible through the generous donation of the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Hamilton.