Around the Central Fire

Workshop at Little Bethel following COVID-19 protocol.

Desiree Woodfine, Osten Derosier, James H. W., Dhiren Swayze and Bram Decoster created models for casting multiples in clay. Ingrid and Judi built molds, cast and fired the pieces, and Bethany coordinated the workshop production.

The artwork offers a conversation starter for everyone gathered around the fire. What stories can we share with The Lonely Dolphin, The White Wolf, The Panda, Apple, Turtle, Fire Salamander, and The Sun, The Star and The Moon?

The multiples are installed around the fire pit at the Healing Garden at the new Indwell Parkdale Landing building. Clicke here for the slide show Around the Central Fire

The project was made possible by the Ontario Arts Council, The Canada Council for the Arts, HCBN and The Hamilton Community Foundation,
and Metrolinx. Special thanks to Emma and Graham Cubitt, Deborah Iversen and Curtis Sheen.